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Transport for London (TfL) run a number of industry awards each year. With a small admin team it's important that the processes behind the application, judging and the award ceremony are as stream lined as possible. For Smarter Travel Awards TfL sought YellowHawk's help in automating the process.

The Strategy

To create an easy to use web-site that automates the processes involved in running an industry awards: collection of nominations; judging; short-listing; award ceremonty invitations.

What YellowHawk did

Design, implementation, hosting and maintenance of an award site including:

  • Content Management
  • Collection of nominations
  • Shortlisting of awards within categories
  • Management of invitations to the award ceremonty
  • Distribution of email marketing messages

The site is managed by the TfL team responsible for the Smarter Travel Awardsthrough the use of YellowHawk Content.Control™ technology.

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