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Networking is a key skill for the 21st Century. The BT Women's Network (BTWN) recognised that creating a personal network can be hard in these days of flexible working. Of course what you know matters but who you know matters even more. The BT Women's Network wanted to trial an online network to enhance its members ability to communicate and teamed up with YellowHawk as the leading experts in building online communities.

The Strategy

To provide a state of the art 'networking' site for members of the BTWN allowing geographically dispersed members to meet, chat and build contacts. Of particular interest was providing a site that would encourage BTs many homeworkers to feel part of the BTWN community.

What YellowHawk did

Using the BTWN established design, YellowHawk implemented a networking site where members can :

  • manage their own profile
  • interact with other members
  • search members for common interest
  • join any number of discussions around a wide set of topic
  • receive daily updates of other members weblogs and comments

The site is managed by a number of volunteers from within the BTWN using YellowHawk Content.Control™ technology along with a customised membership management workflow that :

  • Automatic warning of membership suspension process after 90 days of non-use
  • Automatic suspension of membership after a further 7 days of non-use


The initial trial filled up with members within a few weeks of opening and already there is a vibrant community posting weblogs and messages to each other. Members regularly acknowledge that the site has been helpful on both a professional and personal level.

"Flexible and home working is great news for most of us, but it does mean that we need to find new ways of working and networking to get our jobs done and build our careers. The online network takes the BTWN into the 21st century, using technology to help members make new connections across the company."

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