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Communication is key to a successful community. A key tool is the ability to send periodic email communications, often called 'newsletters'


Periodic newsletters help build a community. Important at any time, communication is more so in the early day.

Our core software allows you to write newsletters on-line and have them automatically distributed to your 'communities'.

Multiple newsletters can be created for different stakeholders. Common examples are :

  • External customers that have registered for news updates
  • Member newsletters
  • Employee newsletters
  • Special interest groups, for example a specific task force

Site updates

Bringing people back to your site is vital to it's success. Automatic email updates are an important tool. YellowHawk can create a periodic email notification to site members summarising site content.

Updates might be sent daily, weekly or monthly depending on the client and on the amount of content appearing on the site.

Each update would include a summary of the new content and a link to that content on the site.

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