Applications for communication

The Web is unique as a collaboration and networking tool. YellowHawk skills and technology can help you build a successful on-line community.

The Internet ideally lends itself to rapid bidirectional and peer-to-peer communications whether between members of the same organisation or between geographically and organisationally dispersed people with a common interest.

At YellowHawk we've been involved in building communities on-line since we started, harnessing the power of the Internet to bring people together :

  • Helping with organisational change, for example companies merging
  • Supporting a common goal, for example supporting industry consortiums meet their objectives
  • Building 'networks' of support within large organisations

We've worked with organisations such as Transport for London and British Telecom, providing the tools needed to build communities.

The tools

YellowHawk have developed a rich on-line suite of community tools to help you meet your communications objectives, whether internal or external :

The skills

The tools enable a community to develop, but it takes more than that! Building a successful community requires a plan and some concerted effort to get people involved.

We've worked with large organisations and industry consortia to build on-line communities. We've seen what works and what doesn't. With our help you can focus on the best approach to meet your objectives.

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