We believe that customers deserve a solution that is more cost effective and quicker to implement than bespoke software and more flexible than off the shelf packages. Our approach allows customers the opportunity to have the standard YellowHawk applications customised to their individual needs - a model which is quite unique.

Rich feature set

Our CommsBox™ product provides a feature rich set of core functionality that form the basis any modern, functional web-site saving our clients time and expense.

The resulting framework builds on some fundamental principles:

  • Putting our clients in charge
  • Understanding that web-applications are about relationships

Putting you in charge

Our aim is to give you the tools to achieve your on-line objectives with as little interference from YellowHawk as possible. We are of course there to help every step of the way.

Our CommsBox™ core provides a full-feature content management system allowing you to change copy and menu structure when you want while optimising the content for search engines.

On-line relationships

The Internet, the World Wide Web is at heart a communications tool. Unlike many traditional media, web communication is very flexible. Originally used for not much more than an electronic brochure, the Internet is now maturing into a flexible communication tool allowing :

  • Out-bound communication to your stakeholders
  • In-bound to get feedback directly from your stakeholders using forums, surveys and social media
  • Peer-to-peer. Many organisations need to improve 'internal communications' between their stakeholders. Examples are industry bodies, working groups, or just divisions within a company

YellowHawk can give you the tools you need to get the most from your on-line communications.

We work with our clients to select the most effective tools to meet their objectives

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